Supported employment

If you have a disability, we have specialist teams that can help you access employment and maintain your independence.

Employment and Disability Service

The Employment and Disability Service (EADS) is a specialist-supported employment team.

EADS is a countywide service, working closely with the DWP, local job centres and local businesses. It provides bespoke support to individuals facing barriers to employment, helping them work towards their goals to start, stay and succeed in employment.

EADS also supports employers to create inclusive and accessible recruitment pathways to support true diversity in the workplace.

Contact EADS on 07776 550531.

Learning Independence Volunteering Employment (LIVE)

LIVE is a specialist enabling team which provides bespoke support to individuals with learning disabilities and related barriers to community opportunities and employment in 4 key areas - Learning, Independence, Volunteering and Employment.

LIVE raises aspirations and enables people to fulfil their potential and exceed expectations. It also provides community projects including The Cornerstone, Changing Room and IndiTrav training pathway.

Contact LIVE

Kettering: 01536 535625
Corby: 01536 261066
Wellingborough: 01536 535640

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Last updated 25 June 2024