Food hygiene ratings

After routine food hygiene inspections, each food business with a retail element will be given a hygiene rating. This shows how closely the business is meeting the requirements of food hygiene law:

  • 0 - Urgent improvement necessary
  • 1 - Major improvement necessary
  • 2 - Improvement necessary
  • 3 - Generally satisfactory
  • 4 - Good
  • 5 - Very good

The hygiene rating will appear on the Food Standards Agency website which is available to the general public.

Your food hygiene rating will be confirmed in writing, either at the time of the inspection or within 14 days (this includes weekends and public holidays).


If you received a rating of lower than 5, you can apply for a re-rating inspection. You will be asked to complete a form and pay a fee of £185.


You can appeal against the rating if you think that it is wrong or unfair.

First, you should speak to the officer who carried out the inspection (you'll be given their contact details when you get your rating). They can help you understand how your rating was worked out and see if you can resolve the matter without needing to appeal.

If you still think the rating is wrong or unfair, you can lodge an appeal. To do this, you should complete the Food Standard Agency's appeal form and send this to us.

How long to appeal

You must lodge your appeal in writing (letter or email) within 21 days of being notified of your food hygiene rating, including weekends and public holidays.

You will be given the deadline for appealing when you are notified about your rating.  If you do not appeal before the deadline, we will publish your food hygiene rating online on the Food Standards Agency website.

Processing appeals

If you lodge an appeal, your food hygiene rating will be shown as ‘awaiting publication'.

Our lead officer for food or deputy will review your case and sometimes a further visit will be needed.

You will be notified of the result within 7 days from the date the appeal was lodged and your hygiene rating will then be published online.

Right to reply

The right to reply allows businesses to tell customers how they have improved their hygiene standards or if there were unusual circumstances at the time of inspection. We will publish the response online, alongside the rating.

Last updated 01 January 2024