Flood warnings

It’s always important to keep an eye on what the weather is doing - particularly if there is severe weather approaching that could lead to flooding in your community or across the area.

The Government provides flood warnings for Northamptonshire.

You can also ring Floodline on 0345 988 1188 for updates.

Alert levels

This means flooding is possible - be prepared

This is used two hours to two days in advance of flooding. 

What to do:

  • Be prepared to act on the flood plan for your home or business 
  • Check your grab bag and charge up mobile phones
  • Keep an eye on water levels in the local area
  • Monitor the current levels of nearby rivers

This means flooding is expected and immediate action is needed

This alert is used half an hour to one day in advance of flooding. 

What to do:

  • Protect yourself, your family and help others
  • Move family, pets, and valuables to a safe place 
  • Put flood protection equipment in place
  • Prepare pumps if you have them
  • Turn off gas, electricity, and water supplies, if safe to do so
  • Call Floodline for up-to-date local information on 0345 988 1188

Severe flooding alert - danger to life

This is used when flooding poses a significant threat to life.

What to do:

  • Stay in a safe place with a means of escape 
  • Get ready to evacuate your home if necessary 
  • Co-operate with the emergency services 
  • Call 999 if you, or anyone else, is in immediate danger 
  • Call Floodline for up-to-date local information on 0345 988 1188

Be careful - flood water may still be around for several days and could be contaminated

If you’ve been flooded, ring your insurers as soon as possible.

Sign up to flood warnings

This free service sends warnings by phone, email, text message or fax when flooding from rivers or groundwater is expected. The service also provides practical advice on what to do before, during and after a flood 

Last updated 12 June 2024