Chimney height approvals

Certain chimneys serving industrial or business furnaces or boilers need approval from us before they are first used. This is so we can make sure that the proposed chimney is high enough adequately disperse flue gases when burning:

  • pulverised fuel
  • any other solid matter at a rate of 45.4 kilograms per hour or more
  • any liquid or gaseous matter at a rate of 366.4 kilowatts per hour or more

This approval is in addition to any other necessary permissions (e.g. planning permission or building regulation approval).


You should contact us to apply asking for a chimney height application from our Environment Health team.

You should use the '3rd Edition of the Clean Air Act Memorandum on Chimney Heights' to establish the height of any chimney proposed and may be required to submit details of the calculation during the processing of the application.

We'll try to process your application within 4 weeks, but further information may be required during the application process.

Domestic chimneys

This does not apply to domestic properties but we can investigate nuisances caused by smoke and bonfires.

Last updated 03 May 2023