Election jobs

We employ casual staff to help run elections

You can apply all year round ready for any elections if you:

  • are eligible to work in the UK
  • don't work on behalf of a candidate during the election (paid or otherwise)

Next elections

Visit our upcoming elections page for notices on current and future elections.

Verification and count assistant

The verification and count team's role is to open ballot boxes, ensure the contents agree with the ballot paper accounts and then count the votes for each candidate in the election

Find out more about being a verification and count assistant
Image of Presiding officer

Presiding Officer

Presiding Officers are responsible for conduct of the ballot in polling stations and they must have a good knowledge of the voting procedures

Image of Poll Clerk

Poll Clerk

Poll Clerks assist the Presiding Officer in the conduct of the ballot in the polling stations

Image of postal vote opener

Postal vote opener

Postal vote openers are employed in the days leading up to election day and are responsible for opening, checking and preparing completed postal votes