Educational Psychology Service - supporting young people

An educational psychologist is someone who visits schools to work with teachers, parents or carers and students. Educational psychologists are trained to find solutions to issues about learning, development and behaviour. 

When we are asked for help, our first step is to check with your parent or carer that they agree we can become involved. We will explore your concerns and try to improve the situation for you. We may do this through:

  • talking to you to hear what you think
  • getting to know you better through completing activities and/or assessments together, such as finding out your strengths and difficulties
  • talking with people who know you well
  • spending some time in your classroom to see what sort of work you do
  • making a plan together

After a while, we may meet up again to hear how well the plan is working for you.

Meeting us

We know it can be hard talking about how you think and feel. We will try to help you feel comfortable talking and will listen carefully to what you have to say. We may meet face-to-face, virtually or talk on the telephone.

We will keep a written record of the work we are completing together. You have a right to tell us which information you are happy for us to share with your parents or carers and teachers and which information you would rather remain confidential.

However, we do have a duty to share information if we have concerns for your safety or the safety of others.

Your opinions and ideas matter

You have a right to say what you think and to be listened to at meetings when decisions are being made. Your views and questions are very important - it will be easier for us to help you and the people who work with you if we know what you think.

The psychologist may write a letter or a report about their work with you and you can ask to see this.

How to speak to an educational psychologist

Your school will probably have a link to an educational psychologist.

Your school special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) or head of year will be able to arrange to involve the psychologist if they think this is the best way to help you.

Last updated 15 February 2023