Approved Mental Health Professional service

If you have concerns about the mental health of someone please contact their GP or Mental Health Team in the first instance. They will make a referral to the AMHP (Approved Mental Health Professional) service if needed but an assessment under the Mental Health Act should only be considered once all other support has been attempted.

About the service

We assess people under the Mental Health Act 1983. The service operates Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm. Out of hours, this service is provided by the Emergency Duty Team (EDT), which is provided by Northamptonshire Children’s Trust.

AMHPs are qualified Nurses, Social workers, Occupational Therapists or Psychologists, who have completed additional training which means they can make an application under the Mental Health Act 1983 to detain a person in hospital for a period of assessment or treatment.


An assessment will be requested if there is a concern that the person has a mental disorder and is a risk to their own or others' health and safety, but are unwilling or unable to agree to come into hospital or stay in hospital.

Alongside the AMHP, 2 doctors will also be part of the assessing team. One will have special training in the assessment and diagnosis of mental disorder and one will be a registered medical practitioner.

The AMHP will make all reasonable attempts to liaise with the person’s nearest relative if an application for assessment and must consult with the nearest relative if an application for treatment is being considered.

Contact us

Telephone: 01933 231557 (referral line 9am to 9pm)

Out of hours

Telephone: 01604 626938

Last updated 29 February 2024