Local cycling and walking infrastructure plans

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) identify cycling and walking improvements at a local level and develop these over the next 10 years. They form a vital part of the Government’s strategy.

LCWIPs provide:

  • network plans for walking and cycling (which identify preferred routes and core areas for future development)
  • prioritised future improvements that we can invest in
  • technical report setting out the underlying analysis and why improvements are needed

Government strategy

In 2017, the Government published its Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy to make walking and cycling the natural choices for shorter journeys as well as parts of longer journeys. It supports the transformation of local areas to:

  • tackle congestion
  • improve physical and mental health
  • strengthen local economies

This was followed in 2020 by the supporting publication - Gear Change.

Although LCWIPs aren't compulsory, the Department for Transport advised that councils who have plans will be well placed to make the case for future investment. They also confirmed that any funding bids need to meet the design standards outlined in their latest cycling guidance.


Kettering LCWIP

Development started in August 2021.

A number of workshops were held with stakeholders, and based on feedback and data analysis, detailed walking and cycling site audits were completed.

We are now preparing to seek wider feedback on our draft proposals. For regular updates and opportunities to give us feedback please sign up to Commonplace

Wellingborough LCWIP

A first draft was completed in June 2021.

Stakeholder engagement and public consultation will follow. 

Wellingborough to Northampton LCWIP

A first draft of the Wellingborough to Northampton LCWIP has been completed.

The document is currently being reviewed against LTN 1/20 guidance with a view to undertaking stakeholder engagement and public consultation.

Rushden and Higham Ferrers LCWIP

A first draft of the Rushden to Higham Ferrers LCWIP has been completed.

The document is currently being reviewed against LTN 1/20 guidance with a view to undertaking stakeholder engagement and public consultation.


This has been developed to:

  • identify prioritised cycling and walking infrastructure improvements for future investment
  • ensure that consideration is given to cycling and walking within both local planning and transport policies and strategies
  • make the case for future funding for walking and cycling infrastructure

The cycling improvements include primary and secondary cycle proposals. The 7 primary cycle corridors are:

  • Station Link
  • Eastern Corridor - A427 Weldon Road between the railway station and eastern parts of the town, including Weldon and Priors Hall Park
  • Northern Corridor - George St-Cottingham Rd, Studfall Avenue-Clydesdale Rd, Studfall Avenue-Rockingham Rd, Rockingham Rd and Rockingham Castle
  • North Eastern Corridor - Old Village, retail off Phoenix Parkway, large employment sites off Steel Road and Priors Hall Park
  • South Eastern Corridor – Little Stanion, Stanion and Magna Park
  • South Western Corridor - Oakley Road between the town centre and residential areas
  • Western Corridor - A427 Westcott Way and Cottingham Road, Cottingham, Middleton

The walking improvements identified are based upon:

  • a Core Walking Zone of the town centre area and 11 walking routes
  • an area based approach in Corby Old Village
  • most of the recommended walking improvements align with the identified primary cycle corridors - the links which do not align are Corporation Street (CWZ2 & CWZ3), Richmond Road (CWZ 7) and High Street in Corby Old Village (W8, W9 and W10)

The plan was approved by the North Northamptonshire Council Executive Committee in January 2024.

To get a full copy of the plan, please email [email protected].

Last updated 26 February 2024