Changes and correcting mistakes on a certificate


Change a certificate

You will need to re-register your child's birth if you want to make any of the following changes to their birth certificate:

  • add the father's name to the birth certificate
  • you have been married

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Download the appropriate application form
  2. Complete the form including which office you would like to attend to complete the re–registration
  3. Please post the forms and any appropriate original documents to:

    North Northamptonshire Registration Service
    Haylock House
    Kettering Parkway
    NN15 6EY
  4. We will then copy the documents and return to you by post.

We cannot accept photocopies but you will get all relevant documents back after the re-registration is complete.

You do not need to visit our office in person at this stage because you will not be able to complete the re-registration straight away.

We will check your paperwork and then contact you within a two weeks to make an appointment for you to visit the office at a later date to complete the re-registration.

Who needs to attend

If you are now married, only one parent will need to attend the appointment.

If you are adding the natural father to a birth certificate and you are not married, both parents will need to attend the appointment.

Add another forename

You can add another forename given to the child within its first year, at any time. This costs £44 plus £12.50 per copy of the new birth certificate. Please contact us for more information.

Last updated 05 June 2024