Changes and correcting mistakes on a certificate


Correct a mistake on a certificate

During your appointment the registrar will ask you to check the register entry carefully before signing.

Please check all the information you have provided is correct, paying close attention to:

  • names
  • ages
  • dates
  • addresses

It is your responsibility to ensure all information you have provided is correct before signing.

Once you have signed the register it becomes a legal document. Any corrections identified at a later date must be authorised, and this will incur a statutory fee of £75 to £90 plus the cost of any corrected certificates you require.

Evidence we need

If you think information on a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificate is wrong, you will need to provide evidence from the time of the registration showing the correct information.

When you have collected the evidence you need to support your request for a correction, please email [email protected] and include the following information:

  • your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • the names, date and type of certificate you would like correcting
  • details of the correction to be made
  • details of the evidence you will be submitting to support your request

Depending on the circumstances, the correction may or may not be simple to make so we will contact you to discuss your case in more detail and explain what happens next.

Last updated 14 July 2023