Equipment, adaptations and assistive technology

Assistive technology

Assistive technology may help you to stay independent for longer and can support you with:

  • epilepsy
  • falls prevention
  • forgetfulness
  • hearing
  • learning disability
  • physical frailty
  • sight

Assistive technology products

The chair and bed sensor is a versatile monitoring and notification system, providing you with radio paging alerts when rising from your bed or chair.

The device includes integral voice recording to allow personal reminder messages to be played back. For example, a helpful reminder to request you to remain in bed or sat on your chair as you begin to rise. This is ideal if you have reduced mobility and are prone to falls and/or memory loss.

The chair and bed sensor can be used singularly or as part of a multiple bed and chair monitoring system and can be connected directly to Telecare systems.

Canary Care is a sensor monitoring and notification system. It monitors movement, door activity, temperature and light levels and notifies you, your family or an authorized contact of any issues.

For example, the system can be used to notify that the front door was open between certain hours of the day or night. This allows your family or the authorized contact to check in with you.

The Easylink epilepsy sensor, monitors and detects typical tonic-clonic seizure movement during your sleeping period. The sensor is positioned between the sheet and the mattress.

This can be adjusted according to the type of mattress and your size and weight. When a seizure is detected the monitor sends an alert to the MedPage pager to notify your carer.

The TrueKare device is a personal alarm that can be used to raise an alert outside of your home. By pressing the SOS button the device automatically calls up to 3 emergency responders (voicemail has to be turned off).

Once the call is answered the device will turn on the 2-way communication allowing you and the responder to have a conversation. The authorized users can request the location of the device and create geofencing zones.

Geofencing zones offer peace of mind as alerts (email and notifications) are automatically triggered if you leave a safe area or enter an unsafe area.

The Signolux Visual Alert system is portable for use throughout the home or can be wall-mounted. The wireless alerting unit operates up to 200 metres away from the Bell Push on the 868Mhz frequency.

The receiver has 8 different indicators meaning that you can be alerted to different events within the home by adding different transmitters to the system.

The receiver will alert you using very loud selectable chimes (>90dB), a bright flashing light and visual indication symbols.

The Signolux Portable Receiver is a portable vibrating pager unit which will alert you through both lights and vibrations.

It can be carried anywhere in your home and can be used at night time when used in conjunction with an external vibrating pad (sold separately).

The Pager to Pendant is a transmitter, housed in a waterproof case with a large, easy-press switch. This can be used for notification purposes. The transmitter button is ideal if you have limited dexterity.

This Supra Permanent GE AccessPoint KeySafe provides convenient key storage for up to 5 door keys, depending on the key type and length.

This Keysafe box is designed for peace of mind. This external keysafe can be installed behind pipework or inside meter boxes, which protects it from the eye of would-be opportunists, whilst easing your mind in the event of lost or mislaid keys.

A lifeline is a central hub unit situated within the home. This can be linked to various equipment, such as pendants, fall and smoke detectors. When the equipment is activated, the lifeline unit sends an alert to the monitoring call centre which will contact either the emergency services or emergency contacts and remain in contact until help arrives.

Get equipment to support you

You can buy the equipment yourself. You can look up companies to check if they are trusted using Buy with Confidence (approved by Trading Standards).

You can find approved traders on Age UK to install your equipment.

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Last updated 11 April 2023