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Election results

North Northamptonshire Council elections

6 May 2021 saw the first elections to North Northamptonshire Council, with 78 new councillors being elected across 26 electoral wards. The next set of scheduled local government elections will be held in May 2025.

Town and Parish Council elections

Elections were held in contested town and parish councils across the north of Northamptonshire on 6 May 2021. The next set of scheduled parish elections will be held in May 2025.

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election

The latest election for the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) for Northamptonshire Police Area was held on 6 May 2021, where Stephen Mold was elected. The next scheduled PFCC election will be held in May 2025.

UK Parliamentary general elections

North Northamptonshire is currently made up of four parliamentary constituencies; Corby, Daventry (part), Kettering and Wellingborough. The last election was held on 12 December 2019. Under the terms of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, the next general election can be expected to take place on Thursday 2 May 2024.

For details on the current MPs for these areas please see below:

Neighbourhood Planning Referendums

The latest neighbourhood planning referendums were held on 6 May 2021 and were for the Ecton and Gretton neighbourhood plans.

More than 50% of votes for both plans were “Yes” votes so North Northamptonshire Council will use the neighbourhood plans to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood areas of Ecton and Gretton. 

Referendums for neighbourhood plans take place as and when required. Details of any future referendums will be listed here.

Last updated 28 October 2021