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Wellingborough area

Some collections in the Wellingborough area will be delayed this week due to limited crews.

Garden waste

Garden waste - Harmonisation of the future service

Garden waste report

The Garden Waste Future Service Provision Report is anticipated to be considered at Executive in September.


The consultation on the harmonisation of garden waste collections across North Northamptonshire has now closed.

We would like to thank all those who participated in the consultation and submitted their views. The response to the consultation is now being evaluated and will be presented to Executive for a decision on how the service will be delivered in the future.


Following local government reorganisation last year, the new unitary council has inherited different approaches to the fortnightly kerbside garden waste collections from the previous local authorities.

Former District and Borough Charges:

Corby Borough Council

East Northamptonshire Council

Kettering Borough Council

Borough Council of Wellingborough

No extra charge


£55 annual subscription charge

No extra charge

No extra charge

All year collection

All year collection

All year collection

March to November collection

North Northamptonshire Council (NNC) wants to harmonise the garden waste collection across the area, so all residents receive the same service.

The law

Councils are required by law to collect garden waste separately from other waste and recycling streams and councils are allowed to levy an additional charge for the service. 65% of all local authorities in England now charge for garden waste collections as a non-essential, opt-in service.

Under the Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 Schedule 1 Paragraph 4 lists the types of waste that waste collections authorities (NNC) must offer collections for (if requested) but may make a charge for doing so. Garden waste is classified as household waste for which charges can be made to households.

Not everyone needs or uses the garden waste service. Having a subscription charge means those that use the service help to pay for its running costs and those that do not use the service, do not pay for it.


North Northamptonshire Council wants to harmonise the garden waste collection across the area, so all residents receive the same service and it is funded in the same way.

To harmonise the kerbside garden waste service the Council needs to consider the following:

  • To determine which months of the year a kerbside collection service would operate.
  • To establish whether a universal garden waste service would be provided to all residents without an additional charge, and should that occur, to consider what impact this will have on other Council services.
  • To establish whether a subsidised subscription-based garden waste service would be provided to residents who wish to subscribe to the service and pay a subscription charge.
  • And, if a subscription charge was to be levied, the level of this charge.

Funding to Local Government has gradually reduced over the past few years and therefore we need to make tough choices about how we provide our services and how they are funded.

Those affected

This will affect everyone that uses the garden waste kerbside collection service, irrespective of whether their current service includes a subscription charge.

It also affects residents who do not require a garden waste service but may be paying towards its operation through their Council Tax.


It currently costs the council approximately £3 million pounds every year to provide this service as it is.

No subscription charge

Funding to local government has gradually reduced over the past years and therefore we need to make tough choices about how we provide our services and how they are funded. With finite budgets, the council would have to consider other options for funding the service and would face difficult choices on prioritising funding in other areas.

Charge calculation

This will be calculated by looking at the current costs incurred by the council for the containers, collection and administration of the garden waste service.

Other councils

In recent years and in response to budgetary pressures the number of councils who charge for garden waste has increased. In 2012/13 30% of local authorities in England charged for garden waste collection, and in 19/20 the number had increased to 61% of local authorities. According to figures from Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), in 2018/19, the average price charged for the collection of garden waste in England was £43 per year, within a range of £24 to £96. Regionally, 10 other councils charge for the collection of garden waste and their annual subscription fee ranges from £30 to £57, with an average price of £42 charged. West Northamptonshire Council has also recently harmonised their garden waste service and implemented a subscription service of £42 per year. The current charge in the area of East Northamptonshire is £55 per year. Some private operators also offer a collection service, some of whom charge higher amounts.


If the council decides to make any changes, we expect the service to change this year. We will tell you about any changes through press releases, communications on social media and communications on our website following the Executive’s decision.

Food waste

This consultation is only focusing on garden waste. Proposals regarding the collection of food waste will be determined by the Executive at a future time to reflect emerging Government guidance.

Last updated 13 September 2022