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Wellingborough area

Some collections in the Wellingborough area will be delayed this week due to limited crews.

Garden waste

Garden waste - Bins and collections for the future service

Collection day

Once the Executive has decided which service to introduce across North Northamptonshire, it may be necessary to rearrange the collection routes. Where possible we will try to keep collection days the same however this cannot be guaranteed. We will inform you if your collection day is going to change

Garden waste in general refuse bins

It is already council policy that garden waste is prohibited from being disposed of in household general waste or recycling bins. We may not empty your bin if the collections crews find unwanted material in your bin.

Christmas trees

The free collection of Christmas trees will be dependent on the nature of the future service and will be part of the overall decision by the Executive.

Extra garden waste

We will only collect garden waste that fits within the garden waste bin provided.

Bin ownership and selling

The council owns the garden waste bins - they can't be given away or sold.

New bins

Residents will use the garden waste bins they currently have.

Damaged or lost bins

If the bin is damaged by our crews or has degraded due to normal wear and tear, then they will be replaced free of charge. If a bin has been deliberately damaged, lost or misused by a householder then a charge may be incurred.

Last updated 02 September 2022